The Brand BFF

Meet your Brand BFF, Tuti Do. She’s not so tall, very friendly (most of the time) and has a special knack for building brands.  By day and most nights, she runs Rev Communications, her boutique PR & Marketing agency. Her strength is getting Rev’s clients the best brand awareness. She makes sure brands look their best and have everyone talking about them!

Rev it Up!

Over the years, Tuti and her pint-sized powerhouse agency have worked with a slew of incredible brands. Maybe you’ve heard of a few of them?  Last count, the list has extended to more than 100 brands which means she definitely knows a thing or two about successful branding. Working closely with some of the most well-respected industry leaders, and up-and-coming brands has given her valuable insight on what brands are doing right and what they’re doing wrong.  As your Brand BFF, she’ll share this expertise with you.

A Branding Jean-ius

Prior to starting Rev, Tuti had extensive experience in the marketing and PR realm. She was the head of marketing and communications for international denim brand, Parasuco. From Montreal, New York to L.A., she oversaw all the company’s creative campaigns, advertising, public relations and promotions. Perks included meeting cool celebrities; photo shoots in St. Barts and partying at the Playboy Mansion. Ahhhh, the memories!

Underneath it All

Before her denim days, Tuti started her fashion marketing experience with Canada’s premiere lingerie retailer, La Senza.  In addition to stocking up on the best assortment of bras and panties, Tuti gained priceless expertise in new business development.  As the marketing lead for the company’s La Senza Girl division then launching Lasenza.com one of the country’s first online stores, Tuti developed the marketing strategies from the ground up and was a vital part of La Senza’s new business ventures. That’s right, this was her first foray into building new businesses from concept to launch, allowing her to refine this skill set and now share this expertise with you.


After a few less glamorous jobs, Tuti received her official career jumpstart at GCI Group, a firm ranked as one of the top 10 PR agencies worldwide.  She got her first taste of the fast-paced world of corporate public relations, working with clients to understand their needs and getting results! While loving PR, she left the agency-side of the business to pursue a fashion marketing dream. In retrospect, these experiences gave her key insight on both the client and supplier sides of the business. Now 20 years later (please don’t do the math to guess her age), things have come full-circle with running her own agency, Rev Communications.  This next chapter is now dedicated to you, as she turns her experience into guiding you through your brand journey.











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