Hosted by our very own Brand BFF Tuti, our Masterclasses are round table workshops for creative-minds. As many people are hesitant to ask questions and participate in large groups, our Masterclasses are an intimate set up for up to 15 participants. Designed to inspire and spark real discussions, it provides participants the opportunity to get personal, learn, share and motivate one another.

Some upcoming Masterclasses include:


Over the past 20 years, Tuti worked with more than 100 brands. She’ll share with you what she’s learned and will provide you with valuable tips to enhance your brand power.  Whether it’s for your own personal brand growth or to build a business, effective branding is integral to your success.  From defining your brand identity, maximizing social media, to building your tribe and strategizing your plan of action, let the Brand BFF share her expertise with you!


So you want to be in PR? Is it all that you see on Instagram? The cool clients, exciting projects and don’t forget all those glamorous events!  You’re a people-person, creative and thrive in a fast-paced environment so PR must be perfect for you right? Here’s your chance to find out from an industry insider. Get the scoop on all the things you want to know about the world of PR, the myths and reality. Find out what it takes to get in the door, what your #PRboss is looking for, things to avoid, and how to succeed in the competitive PR industry.


Are you a blogger/influencer and want brands to invest in you? What’s the best manner to position yourself? What are brands looking for in a strategic partner? What materials do you need as promotional tools? As the middle people between bloggers and brands, we understand what both sides are looking for, and will bridge the gap to bring you together. We’ll share valuable tips and will also provide guidelines to help you create your very own media kit. Get brands to notice and collaborate with you!


You’re an undiscovered talent, an innovative entrepreneur or have a great small business that the world needs to know about. Problem is, you do not have the budget to hire a professional PR agency. How can you create your own publicity?  No need to resort to kidnapping a publicist. The Brand BFF will teach you how you can create your own DIY-PR campaign.  This Masterclass is designed to provide you with a valuable plan of action so you can create visibility for your very own brand.

Interested in any of these Masterclasses? Contact us to receive more information on costs, dates and times.

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