Our Brand BFF PR Power Sessions are in-depth one-on-one sessions between you and Brand BFF, Tuti. These sessions are open to all professionals, entrepreneurs, and creative-minds. We offer two types of Power Sessions:


If you need one-on-one guidance to build your personal brand, and/or advice and insights about a career in marketing and PR, the Brand BFF offers private sessions catered specifically to you.  These Power Sessions are designed to provide you with valuable guidance and leverage your personal brand identity.  Your Brand BFF is here to help you improve your career path!


Sometimes a company needs a fresh, outside perspective about their brand positioning and their marketing strategies. The Brand BFF consults with your in-house team (or just you) and provides guidance to steer your brand in the right direction. Many companies have limited resources (budget-wise or staff) for full-time senior expertise. Consider this like having a VP of Marketing & PR for the day, on-hand to collaborate with you, whenever you need. Current plans will be evaluated and input will be shared on how to enhance your strategy. Whatever branding challenges you have – your Brand BFF is here to listen and help you come up with an effective solution.

* Power Sessions are available by appointment only. Please contact us for booking.
* Depending on your need, we offer a range of 1 hour, half-day to full-day sessions.




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